Swisher and Lohse Pharmacy Services

Prescription Synchronization
What is Prescription Synchronization?

With Prescription Synchronization, you can now refill all your prescriptions at once. Our pharmacist will contact you one week prior to your prescription refill date to see if there are any changes that need to be made or discuss any questions you have regarding your medications. All prescriptions will then be conveniently refilled, packaged, and available for pickup on the same date every month.

Advantages of Prescription Synchronization:

• Only one monthly visit to the pharmacy in which all prescriptions are conveniently refilled, packaged, and available for pickup.
• Reduced phone calls to the pharmacy
• Personal contact with your pharmacist
• Increased adherence to medications
• Free local delivery

Sign up for Prescription Synchronization!

Prescription Synchronization is FREE for all Ravenswood Drug patients. Contact us at (740) 992-2955 to register today. Not a patient? Simply bring in all prescriptions, supplements, and vitamins or call us directly. We will take care of the rest!

Delivery & Drive Thru
Convenience is important. That’s why Swisher & Lohse offers our convenient drive-thru window is perfect for dropping off or picking up your prescription. Or, if it’s a challenge for you to drive to the store, or you’d simply like us to save you some time, just call and we’ll deliver your prescription directly to your home for free.
Just give us a call and find out how convenient we can make it for you. (740) 992-2955

Custom Compounding
As, Ohio’s Compounding Specialists® Swisher & Lohse is proud to offer a comprehensive compounding service to the region.

When you doctor gives you a prescription for compounding, call or stop in, we will talk with you to find the best form for your drug incorporating the medication prescribed and ingredients needed to properly prepare the medication.

The art of compounding allows us to create formulations for you that are not commercially available. Turning tablets into a bubble-gum flavored liquid for a sick child, creating a customized bio-identical hormone cream for an elderly patient, incorporating pain and anti-inflammatory medication into a transdermal gel that can be applied directly to an arthritic knee, or working with man’s best friend to transform his antibiotic into a tasty treat are all part of what we do everyday.
We are problem solvers. When others quit, we look for answers and solutions to your health problems by thinking outside the box. Contact to us today for a free consultation and to see if prescription compounding is right for you.

We are the only compounding pharmacy in Southeastern Ohio and a leader in the state. Our dedicated lab is outfitted with cutting edge technology such as Electronic Mortar and Pestles (EMPs), Ohaus Balances, Flow Science Hoods, electric ointment mills, PH meters, and homogenizers to insure that our products are both pharmaceutically elegant and precise.

Swisher and Lohse is linked with Rx30 software to help you conveniently manage your prescriptions. RefillRX allows you to register, login and refill your active prescriptions with us. It is an online portal into your active prescriptions and does not save any of your identifying information online.

Because some of our patients have complicated health issues we offer complete specialized care, with a full range of services, medications and therapies to make managing manage your condition easier.

Compliance Packaging
Are you taking multiple medications? Would you like a more convenient way to remember what pills, how many, and when you need to take them?

Our custom packaging or “compliance” packaging service is provided to you for free and can make managing your medication more convenient while helping you stay on track with all your medications and supplements.

Give us a call or stop into our pharmacy. After some paperwork we will establish a monthly system so you can receive all your medications, once a month, all packaged with your pills organized. We will organize and package all your medications are into individual packets that are labeled with the medication, day, date and time to be taken.

By taking your medications correctly with you are more likely to stay well, make fewer clinic visits and require fewer hospitalizations.

Photo Service
Turn your digital photos into lasting memories with our in-store photo kiosk. Print quality photos, greeting cards and invites in minutes that can be cherished for a lifetime.
Jittery Joe’s Coffee Shop
Enjoy the scenic view of the Ohio River in downtown Pomeroy with a fresh snack, free Wi-Fi and a cup of delicious Jittery Joe’s Coffee. Click here to “Like” Jittery Joes Coffee Shop on Facebook!

(740) 992-2955
Café Hours
Mon–Fri 8:30 am–7 pm
Sat: 9 am–4 pm

What makes Jittery Joe’s Coffee better than the rest? Although our hands on approach to roasting coffee may take more time, we think your taste buds will appreciate the effort. We believe that our extensive roasting know-how, combined with the freshness and superior quality of our beans will ultimately provide you with the best cup of coffee out there.

Don’t forget our whole bean coffee selection with a complete guide to our different roasts that we’ll grind fresh for your right here in our store. We feature everything from a simple but delicious cup of hot Joe to Latte, Hot Chocolate, Cappuccino and Frosty Joes and Smoothies.